Bays and Beaches

For an unspoiled and natural sea:

at 700 mt., the bay beneath, called Fonza, reachable also by car, is kept unspoiled and hidden from tourism. It is a large beach of river cobblestones and sand with low water in the bottom of the sea. The water is shallow and safe for a large portion. In the bay of Fonza there are only a few villas and the transitable dirt road that leads to the beach is absolutely quiet. 

For the white sandy beaches equipped:

Or …Following the wind.
Due to the central position of Cala Bella you may move easily in a few minutes of car both south or north along the coast reaching the best beaches of the island: sand, rocks, unspoiled or crowded sea areas. The secret of the island is following the wind..the possibility to go every day in a different beach or bay, so as to take a good swim with clean water every day. The famous beach of Marina di Campo, Procchio, Cavoli, Fetovaia are from 2 to 6 km as well as the lovely Spartaia, Campo al’Aia , Paolina, il Colle, less touristic but with a few comfort.

The location

Cala Bella has a strategical location within the island. this secluded place is reachable through a transitable dirt road of 1,3 km. ( partially asphalted for 500 mt), hidden in the mediterranean maquis. Moreover in few minutes you may reach the nicest beaches of the island. The mondan village of Marina di Campo is at 4 km. , the nice Procchio is at 6 Km. They both have shops restaurants, disco etc..